Finding The Perfect Present Step-by-Step

Step #1 – Get a Good List

This is a major factor in determining whether you can indeed find the perfect present. Make sure that you don’t settle for a flimsy list that doesn’t give you options. Make sure that you get a list with at least 5 items on it. Don’t get a list with a couple things on it and try to find the perfect present based on that. You want a combination of having options so that if you can’t find exactly what you want, you then can have a fall back plan.

Step #2 – Online Research

To me finding the perfect present it is not only finding what they really want and blew them away with that, but also if you stick to your budget. We all have a budget or at least an idea of how much we want to spend, so it is best to compare prices at different stores before you venture out to get your present. It can also give you add on options to your present. For example, if you were going to get a keurig coffee maker, it doesn’t do any good without the having the coffee to go in it, so also keep that in mind that you may want an add on to your present to complete your perfect present. You want to make sure the present is ready to go so they can enjoy it immediately.

Step #3 – Pros and Cons List

I love to put together a little pros and cons list for each of their items on your list. I like to rank my gifts on these criteria:

Ease of Use – There is nothing more frustrating to people then to get a gift and they have no idea how to use it and they stop using it before they ever learn how to use it. You should always keep this in mind before you buy the gift because we all have people in our lives that struggle with technology. If they can unwrap and start to use it right away then it scores higher on my list.

Longevity – Is this gift going to stand the test of time or just fizzle out in shorter amount of time? It scores higher if it will stand the test of time and is useful for at least a year or more. If it is a short-term item then it will of course score lower.

Personal Touch – Does the present come from the heart or is it just a practical present? If it comes from the heart then it will score as a plus for me. If it is just a practical item then it will score lower on the list.

Step #4 – Store List

Make sure that if you aren’t going to shop online that you have a plan of action before you go out and about. Have a list of stores that carry your gifts and make sure that you find the best prices online before you go out browsing, that is a huge time saver. You can even take it a step further go to Google Maps and plan out which stores you are going to go to first and work your way back home and be much more efficient that way.

Step #5 – When in Doubt Go With Your Heart

The most powerful gifts are the ones that come from the heart and continue to gift to the gifted for the long-term. A present that every time that they look at it, it reminds them of you and what you mean to them. These are truly the most powerful gifts because they have so much meaning behind them and it is tough to go wrong with this approach.

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